Implant Retained Lower Dentures: FAQS

"Make Every Day a Better Day",
with no more loose denture problems.

Q. How many implants are needed for an overdenture?

A. For the lower jaw the minimum requirement is two implants. This is economical, predictable and is possible in 95% of patients who have lost their lower teeth.

Q. How long does the actual placement of the implants take and can they be used straight away?

A. The surgical procedure to place the implants will take about 60 minutes. Once placed the implants are left in place usually for three months before being connected to the denture by the "locator" attachments. This allows your bone to grow up against the implants and lock them in place.

Q. Am I suitable for dental implants?

A. Your dentist will assess your medical history and the amount of bone available for the implant to sit in. There are a few factor while may make implant placement not possible but this would be only in about 5% of the population. Some factors such as heavy smoking may reduce the chance of success. If you are pregnant we will delay the treatment. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy of the head and neck, or have certain chronic conditions this may alter our treatment plan for you.

Q. I have just had my last 6 lower front teeth taken out. can I have the implants placed straight away?

A. Normally we would wait 8 weeks before placement of the implants. This allows healing of the extraction sites and greater predictability.

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