There are two stages in orthodontic treatment

THE ACTIVE PHASE Which involves the use of braces or other appliances to correct the alignment and bite.

THE RETENTION PHASE use of a retainer to hold the teeth that have been brought into their new position and ensure long-term results.

Your first consultation

The first visit begins with a detailed discussion of the patient's concerns and their ideal outcome from treatment.
Following this a comprehensive clinical assessment is completed by Dr McConville. We provide several modalities of treatment, the details of which are outlined to the patient. The
duration of the proposed treatment, and the associated fees will also be discussed.

Tthis appointment is made to collect details regarding the existing state of the patients teeth.
Impressions are taken from which plaster models of the teeth are constructed. Pre Treatment Photographs, X-ray/ Digital Imaging are also collected .

Extractions and other preliminary procedures It is sometimes necessary to remove teeth to gain sufficient space to align the remaining teeth. It is good practice to attend your general dentist for an examination and cleaning before orthodontic treatment is started.
The patient is referred back to the family dentist should any preliminary procedures be required. The cost of these procedures is not included in the orthodontic fee.

Appliance Fit
Depending on the choice of treatment, this appointment can take between 10 – 40 minutes. Having your braces fitted does not hurt. However, some pressure will be felt on the teeth for a few days after placement or adjustment. Other than that, treatment should be a very comfortable experience.

Adjustment Appointments
When the braces are in place, you will visit our clinic to review your treatment progress at intervals of 4-8 weeks, depending on your specific needs. These appointments allow us to be sure that your treatment is progressing as expected.

On completion of the active phase of orthodontic treatment, the braces are removed and retaining appliances (retainers) are fitted to hold the teeth in their new position. These appliances/ retainers may be removable or fixed to the teeth.It is important to remember that retention is a vital part of treatmentt. Without proper and consistent use of these appliances, patients are at risk of allowing the orthodontic results to relapse. If patients follow the instructions of the orthodontist, they should maintain a beautiful, healthy smile that will be functionally healthy and aesthetically pleasing into the long-term. Should you have any concerns please contact us immediately to discuss.