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During the course of dental implant treatment you will need instructions to enable you to look after your mouth. This requires a series of appointments with your hygienist. The usual timing of these appointments is:

  • Before dental implant placement to minimise the chances of infection

  • After temporary bridges are constructed

  • After dental implant exposure to familiarise you with the shape of the transitional restoration

  • After completion of the treatment to guide you in the maintenance of the final crown/bridge or denture. In this way we can ensure that the treatment progresses satisfactorily.
    Following the active phase of treatment you will return for routine maintenance.

It is essential that the dental implants are monitored and maintained after the completion of treatment. After the initial period you will be required to attend the surgery at intervals that we will specify.
Usually we will see you every 3 months for the first year and once per year thereafter.
You will need to maintain a high standard of hygiene around the implants.