Dental CT Scans help our dentists determine if you are a candidate for implant surgery.
The placement of a dental implant is a highly sophisticated procedure. It is critical that your dental surgeon has as much information about the anatomy of your mouth before placement.

Our CT Scanner uses advanced computer programs to analyse an X-ray study. By providing detailed two-dimensional and three-dimensional images, the Scans enable us to select the best location for your implants and plan the details of your surgery with pinpoint accuracy, well before surgery

. Our dentists will know the exact location of anatomical structures, the contours of the jaw bone, and the best sites for your implants before surgery. This means that there are virtually no surprises, less operating time, and fewer complications for you.

Our Software gives us the extra information to enable us to accurately predict the final treatment outcome and discuss possible alternatives with the patient before commencing the implantation procedure.
The planning data then provides a basis for creating competitively priced surgical procedures