The Benefits to our Dentists:

Orthodontics: Improves orthodontic diagnosis and treatment by providing the multiple projection perspective necessary to accurately assess tooth relationships and further support the objective interpretation of anatomy.

Dental Implants: 3D CT scans allow the dental surgeon and restorative dentist to optimally plan and place dental implants.

Oral Surgery: CT delivers precise 3D views of impacted molars within the alveolar bone, location relative to adjacent teeth, and proximity to vital structures, such as the nerve canal, sinus walls, and cortical borders.

Analysis: CT detects and evaluates problems before they become serious by accurately measuring bone and jaw deformities, assessing bone lesions and changes of the jaw, and detecting other pathology, such as cysts, tumours, and disease.

Reduced Surgery Time: Pre-verified surgery plan through implant simulation with accurate anatomical information of oral cavity and maxillofacial regions creates a higher level of confidence in surgery.