NB | oral surgery | implant dentistry

Our clinic is a leading practice for Specialist Orthodontics. We also operate a referral clinic for oral surgery and dental implant treatments.


Referring doctors, we appreciate your kind referrals. Should you have any queries prior to referral please do not hesitate to call us dirctly to discuss.


We would be delighted to work alongside you to provide your patients with a full implant and restorative treatment. Should you wish to refer to us for a full treatment case including restorative stage; please inform us on referral.

Patients can be referred by using the online form For emergencies contact the clinic directly and if possible emailing or faxing the patient details to us. Alternatively download a printable form here for fax/ post.

When a new patient attends the practice a clinical examination, medical history and radiograph will be taken to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients.
Following completion of treatment patients are supplied with oral and written post-operative instructions and medications as appropriate.
Emergency contact numbers are also given to the patient should they have any concerns.

All patients are discharged back to the referring practice after treatment. A follow-up letter outlining the treatment performed and the outcome will be sent with any original radiographs to the referring practitioner following treatment.