Dr johnny Fearon | prosthodontist
BDS, MDENT Sc, (Rest), MDENT Ch (Pros), MFDS RCS


All patients are discharged back to the referring practice after treatment. A follow-up letter outlining the treatment performed and the outcome will be sent with any original radiographs to the referring practitioner following treatment.

Our clinic is a leading practice for Specialist Orthodontics. We also operate a referral clinic for oral surgery and dental implant treatments.

Each month we have a clinic with Prosthodontist Dr Fearon. Dr Fearon works on a referral basis only.

Please be assured we will not approach nor accept your patient for non- referral treatment.


Referring doctors, we appreciate your kind referrals. Should you have any queries prior to referral please do not hesitate to call us dirctly to discuss.

Patients can be referred using the online form or urgent appointments can be arranged by contacting the office directly and if possible emailing or faxing the patient details to us.